28 Gauge Mount

28 Gauge Mount

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Attach your ShotKam to any 28 Gauge barrel with this additional mount. The aluminum mount is lined with rubber pads which provide a firm grip without leaving marks. There is no metal-to-metal contact.

This camera accessory also fits the following rifles: .243 calibers, 6.5 Creedmore, 7x64.
- Specification for 28 Gauge Mount: 14.5mm to 18mm barrel width at the location where your ShotKam will be mounted. 

Rifle dimensions can vary, so please measure the width of the rifle barrel at the location where your ShotKam will be mounted. Use a digital caliper to measure your barrel.

NOTE: Every ShotKam Camera purchase automatically includes a 12 Gauge quick-release mount. All additional gauge brackets are not available in quick-release form. This mount take approximately 3 minutes to set up, then the 12 Gauge quick-release takes approximately 30 seconds.