Black Friday Sale Coming Soon!

$150 OFF starts Thursday, 25 November
Your top questions:
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Q: What exactly is the this barrel camera?
This powerful camera is designed to automatically save every shot as a short video. Want instant feedback? You can replay your videos wirelessly right to your mobile device (phone, iPad, or tablet), so you can instantly see why a target was missed.
Q: How will it help me improve? 🎯
Watch your videos to see exactly what happened and how you need to correct your swing. You can watch the video in super slo-mo. See if you were in front of or behind the bird. Without it, you don't know why you missed. Or simply save the memories of your best hunts...
Q: How long does the battery last? 
The built-in rechargeable battery lasts 4-6 hours, or about 150 shots. It takes two hours to fully charge.
Q: What kind of guarantee is there? 
It comes with a 2-year full coverage warranty and 30-day risk-free trial. Get a full refund if you're not 100% satisfied.
NOTE: For the holidays, all orders placed in November and December have an extended money back guarantee through January 31, 2022.


For more information, watch a complete product overview by our COO, Emily Stewart: